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My Elsevier Reviews Profile is a personalized page for Elsevier journal reviewers, documenting the last 5 years of their Elsevier journal peer review history. My Elsevier Reviews Profile is part of the Reviewer Recognition Platform, created to recognize and reward reviewers and provide visibility for the work they carry out that often seems to be taken for granted.

The RRP was created to collate and display review activities carried out by researchers. The platform awards reviewer statuses and provides perks related to the importance of the contribution of individual reviewers.

Upon inclusion of an Elsevier journal on the platform, reviewer profiles are created for the journal’s reviewers. These reviewers receive an email from Elsevier with an encrypted hyperlink directing them to their profile. Each time a reviewer submits a new review they will receive an email with a link to their automatically updated personalized page.

From the end of July 2015, reviewers can add reviews they have carried out for non-Elsevier journals to the RRP via their My Elsevier Reviews personal profile page. Here they can create a public profile page, called Reviewer page, which will have a unique URL based on their personally chosen username.

It's a start! We are running this as a beta project and began with approximately 40 Elsevier journals in 2014, with the view of rolling it out to all Elsevier journals within a year. By the end of 2015 we will have all Elsevier journals on the platform and you will then see all your reviews carried out for Elsevier journals.

On the RRP, you will be able to view your 5 year peer review history per Elsevier journal. In addition, you can put yourself forward to review for your favorite Elsevier journal(s) and benefit from discounts on the Elsevier WebShop and Elsevier Book store. There is also the possibility to download reviewer badges and certificates. A newly launched feature allows you to add reviews you have carried out for non-Elsevier journals and create a public profile page.

Discounts offered vary from 10-30% depending on the voucher provided.

Simply click on the certificate button under the journal review status details you wish to download a pdf certificate for.

To edit your contact details please go to Elsevier's submission system (ESS) and update your details there.

You can make these changes in the Elsevier's submission system (ESS).

Your profile page will only be visible to you, unless you take the step to create your public profile page.

Unfortunately, new reviewer profiles are only created once a month. If you are in need of a reviewer certificate while you are waiting for your profile to be created, please contact the journal publisher, who will ensure you are provided with an acknowledgement letter.

Elsevier Peer Review Challenge

In 2012, Elsevier ran a challenge to improve the peer-review system; from over 800 entries the panel and community selected Simon Gosling's Elsevier Reviewer Badge and Reward Program. The Program helps recognize the valuable contribution that reviewers make to Elsevier's journals and is now available for around 40 of our journals and we hope to be able to offer this for more journals soon.

Recognized and Outstanding Reviewers

We recognize all reviewers that have completed a review within the last two years. Those reviewers who are in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed within two years for that journal, are awarded Outstanding Reviewer status.

How often are reviewing statuses updated?

For the beta version, reviewer status will be awarded to reviewers on a monthly basis based on the frequency of manuscript reviews per journal completed.