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My Elsevier Reviews Profile BETA

Peer review is the cornerstone of science, and Elsevier is dedicated to supporting and recognizing our journals’ reviewers. My Elsevier Reviews Profile aims to create a standard way of recording and acknowledging your efforts.

Welcome Rebecca Buchholz

  National Center for Atmospheric Research    
We thank you for your contributions to the peer review process. If you are interested in reviewing for more titles, please let us know.

My Latest Review: July 2017,  Atmospheric Environment   

   My Review Status

Review Status based on the frequency of review are awarded to those reviewers who have carried out a review for a journal in the last two years.
For further information, please check our FAQ

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Elsevier Peer Review Challenge

In 2012, Elsevier ran a challenge to improve the peer-review system; from over 800 entries the panel and community selected Simon Gosling's Elsevier Reviewer Badge and Reward Program. The Program helps recognize the valuable contribution that reviewers make to Elsevier's journals and is now available for around 40 of our journals and we hope to be able to offer this for more journals soon.

Recognized and Outstanding Reviewers

We recognize all reviewers that have completed a review within the last two years. Those reviewers who are in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed within two years for that journal, are awarded Outstanding Reviewer status.

How often are reviewing statuses updated?

For the beta version, reviewer status will be awarded to reviewers on a monthly basis based on the frequency of manuscript reviews per journal completed.